Do I Need to Respond to Every Client Who Reviews My Home Services Company?

Acknowledging positive reviews can inspire more customer trust, as they will view your activity and comments as a sign of your genuine concern about the client experience. Regularly monitor and respond to customer reviews—both positive and negative.

As a General Contractor or Home Services Company, you probably recognize the importance of requesting and obtaining online client reviews. Amassing client reviews serves several purposes, from making your business visible to search engine ranking algorithms to inspiring potential clients to contact you. As you work on building your client reviews, you may wonder whether you need to respond to every review you receive. Below are some best practices for responding to all types of client reviews.

Making the Review Process Client-Focused

First, you’ll need to examine your process for requesting client reviews. Take some time to consider the review process from the customer’s perspective—is it straightforward and simple? The easier you can make this process, the more likely your customers will be to write you a review. There are several automated tools that can send a customer an email or text message with a quick link to an online review site. If customers can write a short sentence or two without having to go out of their way to find the review sites themselves, they may be more inclined to leave a review.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Many reviews tend to be warm and positive, but there are times when an unhappy customer writes you an unfavorable review. It’s essential to approach negative reviews with a sense of calm, as firing off a response may make things worse. Instead, take some time to absorb the content of the complaint and draft out a response in a Google Doc before you post it. Acknowledge the customer’s comment as respectfully as possible and extend an invitation to further the conversation. It usually helps to reach out to the customer directly, as many people just want to feel heard and validated. If you succeed in redressing the issue, the customer may revisit the negative review and either remove or amend it. Most importantly, the public will see your respectful tone and acknowledgment of the negative review, making your company seem invested in the customer experience.

How Responding to Positive Reviews Can Help, Too

You may think that you only need to respond to negative reviews, as the positive reviews seem to speak for themselves. However, acknowledging positive reviews can inspire more customer trust, as they will view your activity and comments as a sign of your genuine concern about the client experience. Your responses to positive reviews can be short and sweet—just enough to show that you appreciate their feedback. As 92 percent of consumers are more likely to take action after reading a trusted review, it’s essential that you respond to your client reviews and demonstrate your investment in client satisfaction.


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